(AB) was created to bring awareness to the millions of website owners, companies and individuals that continue to ignore the need to make their websites accessible to individuals with disabilities.  In 2010 the US Census Bureau “Americans with Disabilities” document (PDF) reported that approximately 56.7 million Americans had some form of disability.  That represented about 18.7% of the US population.  According to the United Nations’ World Report on Disability  there are over 1 billion individuals that have a disability, 200 million of which have a sever disability.

By denying these individuals equal access to the web, to experience the products and services that a website owner is providing, is a form of discrimination, and it is the goal of AB to bring about awareness and change that will encourage these website owners to take corrective action to make their website accessible.

We encourage the general public to assist us in our goal to make the worldwide web more accessible to individuals with disabilities by reporting inaccessible websites to AB.  AB will test these websites to verify the validity of a website that has been reported to be inaccessible by measuring the reported website against accessibility standards created by the Worldwide Web Consortium. Any information that is shared with us about the reporting individual will be kept confidential and will NOT made public.

AB thanks you for your support in making the worldwide web accessible to all.