Checkout the List of Accessibility Lawsuits

Champaign County, Illinois Settlement Agreement

Cedar Rapids, Iowa Settlement Agreement

Chaves County, New Mexico Settlement Agreement

DeKalb, Illinois, Settlement Agreement

Fallon, Nevada Settlement Agreement

Galveston County, Texas Settlement Agreement

Isle of Palms, South Carolina Settlement Agreement

Lumpkin County, Georgia Settlement Agreement

Madison County, New York Settlement Agreement

Merced County, California Settlement Agreement

Nueces County, Texas Settlement Agreement

Orange County Clerk of Courts Agreement

Parowan, Utah Settlement Agreement

Pennington County, South Dakota Settlement Agreement

Robeson County, North Carolina Settlement Agreement

Ruidoso, New Mexico Settlement Agreement

Vero Beach, Florida Settlement Agreement

Yakima County, Washington Settlement Agreement

Weight Watchers Settlement Agreement

Scribd Ruling Denying Motion to Dismiss (PDF)

National Basketball Association Complaint (PDF)

Ohio Secretary of State Complaint (PDF)

Reebok Class Action Complaint (PDF)


eHarmony Complaint (PDF)

eHarmony – United States Courts Archive 

Beall’s Inc – United States Courts Archive

Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania – United States Courts Archive

Foot Locker, Inc. – United States Courts Archive

GNC – United States Courts Archive

Hobby Lobby Stores – United States Courts Archive

Mattress Firm – United States Courts Archive

Pep Boys – United States Courts Archive

Pollo – United States Courts Archive

Red Box – United States Courts Archive

Red Roof Inns Complaint (PDF)

Red Roof Inns, Inc. – United States Courts Archive

Toys “R” Us Complaint (PDF)

Toys “R” Us – United States Courts Archive

Atlantic Cape Community College Consent Decree (PDF)

Penn State Settlement

University of Montana Settlement (PDF)

Louisiana Tech Agreement

University of Cincinnati Resolution Agreement (PDF)

Youngstown State University Resolution Agreement (PDF)

Florida State University Settlement (PDF)

South Carolina Technical College System Resolution Agreement (PDF)

University of Phoenix Settlement Agreement (PDF)

California Community Colleges State Audit Report

Complaint Against Miami University (PDF)

Motion to Intervene: Miami University (PDF)

McNeese State University Settlement Agreement

Mesa Community College and Maricopa Community Lawsuit (PDF)

Law School Admission Council Settlement Agreement

National Museum of Crime and Punishment Settlement Agreement (PDF)

EDX Settlement Agreement



Target Settlement Agreement (PDF)

Peapod Settlement Agreement

H&R Block Consent Decree

Complaint against GSA’s

Olympic Games Lawsuit

Charles Schwab Agreement

Amazon Agreement and New York State Attorney General Settlements

American Cancer Society Agreement

Disney Lawsuit

Department of Transportation Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability Regulation (Web Sites)

Bank of America Agreement

Safeway Web Accessibility Settlement Agreement

Major League Baseball Settlement Agreement (First Addendum)

Rite Aid Web Accessibility Agreement

Accessible Credit Reports Agreement

Virtual Community School of Ohio Resolution Agreement (DOC)

South Carolina Charter School District Resolution Agreement (DOC)